BEBU Wine Collection - “the way to your spirit” is an exceptional product line for true wine lovers. An ideal mix of the taste and traditions. The product was specially designed to represent the history of wine consumption and the Georgian Heritage “Supra”, the unique way of relationship and hospitality of Georgia by recreating the paintings of famous Georgian Artist Niko Pirosmani.

BEBU Wine Collection is manufactured in one of the most modern factories in Georgia,  the one equipped with the most advanced technologies in Eastern Europe. The newest and unique Micro filtration and bottling systems, created and installed by the leading Italian companies “Bertolaso” and “Enotec,” exclusively for the factory. Both of them ensure food safety, exclude oxygen leak and prevent any contact with iron, that is vital for transmission of organoleptic characteristics into the wine

Bio Products

BEBU company products are combination of nature and technologies. That’s why we participate every process of making juice and preserved products, beginning from cultivating, treating and producing of fruit and vegetables and ending with distributing them. The company produces canned, bio, diabetic and Lenten production

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